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  Womble EasySub (10/2015)

System: Windows 2000, XP, Vista, and Win 7
Language: English/German/Chinese
File size: 7.20 MB (7,555,807 bytes)
Updated: 10-2015


1. Free Trial is FULLY functional:
No restriction for the trial: all functions are enabled and none disabled; it's only the license key that is time limited to 30 days.

2. A 30 day free trial key will be generated automatically:
A 30 day free trial software license key is automatically generated at installation; and there is no need for waiting an email or requiring any additional steps.

3. There is ONLY one version for the software:
The downloads are the same for both free trial users and for licensed users, since there is only one version for the software.

4. Please read the HTML help if you are a 1st time user:
For first time users, please take a few minutes to scan through the editor's HTML Help document, by pressing the F1 function key anytime when the editor is running.  


 Document Download:
HTML Download HTML Help (2013-02)  
pdf Download PDF User Guide (2010-06)  
1. the HTML Help has been integrated into the software as part of its installation, and it can be opened by simply pressing the F1 function key anytime when the editor is running.
2. the PDF User Guide was originated from the online HTML help documents of the respective software; but it is usually lagging behind the HTML document for updating to the latest changes. For best reference, please use the HTML version.

Release History

  October 2015 update release (

  1. (BUG) export failures for VOB files larger than 2GB.
  2. (BUG) display error for overlapped subtitle items in ".srt" imports.

  December 2013 update release (

  1. (BUG) incorrect SPU data formatting (padding packet).
  2. (BUG) error in reading PAR value in the input video.

  February 2013 update release (

  1. (BUG) change font style for two or more selected items.
  2. (NEW) text positioning (margins) on the video image.
  3. (NEW) text alignment for multi-line text items.
  4. (BUG) loss of AV-sync for 44.1 kHz audio input.
  5. (BUG) loading error for importing ".srt" files.
  6. (BUG) automatic split of long text items for ".srt" files.
  7. (BUG) incorrect frame rate for certain AVI input files.

  September 2012 update release (

  1. (NEW) "UTF-8" support for importing ".txt" subtitle files.
  2. (BUG) time settings when importing un-timed subtitles.
  3. (BUG) read non-printable characters in closed-caption data.
  4. (BUG) excessive data processing for non-VOB files.

  July 2011 update release (

  1. (BUG) crash when loading certain AVI files.
  2. (NEW) time code editing with mouse and keyboard.
  3. (NEW) text font style control for individual text items.
  4. (NEW) direct loading of certain MTS/AVCHD files.
  5. (BUG) failure to read line breaks in CC (closed-caption) data.
  6. (BUG) PCM sound error for certain MP4 files.
  7. (BUG) font style support for SRT file I/O.
  8. (NEW) text case changes and filtering in the subtitle list.

  March 2011 update release (

  1. (NEW) DVD closed caption text extraction from VOB files.
  2. (BUG) cannot open HD TS files without PAT.
  3. (BUG) loss of user data in GOP header for re-encoded video.

  September 2010 update release (

  1. (NEW) Web update function over the internet.
  2. (BUG) PSN verification error.
  3. (BUG) failure to open certain MP3 files.
  4. (BUG) zero length padding packet for MPEG-2 Program export.


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