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6. How to correct audio delay with the audio shift tool?

I am a registered user of the womble MPG-VCR. I use the program to edit from DVD ripped parts of live performances. After editing there is a small delay between audio and video. I am trying to fix this with your new video wizard dvd 5.0 (trial version) but that doesnĄ¯t work. Do you know how I can repair the delays? Thanks in advance for your answer.


If the "small delay" between the video and audio is a constant throughout the whole recorded movie, please use the "Audio Shift" tool.

The Audio Shift tool in the Input monitor is specifically designed for fixing this kind of problems.

For the usage about the audio shift tool, please consult the section on

    Using the Monitors -> Audio Shift

in the HTML help document by simply pressing the

    F1 function key

anytime when the editor is running.

Please note that the audio shift selection you made will stay with the clip when it's added to the timeline or to the project manager.

Make sure you click the OK button when closing the audio shift window.

To see that the audio shift being kept, try the steps below.

1. Start the editor and play the movie in the input monitor.

2. Open the audio shift tool via the Input monitor's context menu.

3. Add your shift in the audio shift window, and press OK to confirm the shift value and close the window.

4. Drag and drop it to the timeline. (or shortcut key 'G')

5. Close the file in the input monitor (Ctrl + X) and then double click on the clip just added on the timeline. Now, the input monitor will play the clip.

6. Open the audio shift window (Ctrl + H), and the previous audio shift value should be selected.

7. You can also observe this by saving the timeline to a .wbp file and opening the saved .wbp file in a text editor and looking for the



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