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8.How about the audio channel controls?


understand that your editor will rip the audio from a captured mpg file.  Does it differentiate the left and right channels? I need the left channel from one capture file and the right channel from another and then put the two together as the audio in the final product ready to burn.  Does your tool support this?   My task is a collection of multiplex karaoke laser discs that I want to convert to DVD while my LD player is still working.   The problem is that the player processes the multiplex setting and produces the same audio on both outputs that is either the left track vocal demo and music or the right track music only.   I have to make a capture with vocals on and another with it off to get both tracks.   Then I need to get the different content on the left and right channels in the image I want to burn so that the DVD will also be multiplex.   It sounds like this is the tool I need, but it's not clear whether you work on individual channels or not.  


You could use the Timeline to do the job with similar steps to the following.

1. Put one of the two clips on the video track since both have the same video.

2. Mute the audio for the video clip by right mouse clicking on the clip and selecting "Audio -> Mute" from the clip menu.


3. Put the clip with the left channel audio on the 1st audio track.

4. Put the clip with the right channel audio on the 2nd audio track.


5. In the 1st audio clip, select "Audio -> Duplicate Left" in its clip audio menu.


6. In the 2nd audio clip, select "Audio -> Duplicate Right" in its clip audio menu.

7. Select "Output to Left Channel" in the 1st audio track menu by right mouse clicking on the track button on the left.


8. Select "Output to Right Channel" in the 2nd audio track menu.

9. Save the timeline to a project file to protect your work by selecting the "Save As" from the upper left corner 4 button box of the timeline.

10. Press the Export button (the red one on the right of the timeline).

11. Select the "Automatic" template and the export job will start automatically without minimum re-encoding of the video.

12. Check the output clip in the Input monitor by finding it in the Clips page of the Project Manager and double clicking on it.



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