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2.What is the difference between a VRO file and an MPEG file?

Please read the text below for detailed explanation.

1. A basic assumption used by the editor about an MPEG file is that it's a continuous stream in terms of its time codes.  If a file has multiple time bases, which is basically a set of individual MPEG files packed into one file, the editor will not be able to handle well.

2. This is especially true for VRO files or DVD-R/W files from a dvd-r/w video recorder, since the recorder writes different recording events with different setups (SP, LP, etc.) into one file.

3. With some embedded data (private data packets inserted into the MPEG file), the hardware is able to process the file correctly;  but the editor does not understand those embedded information which are proprietary to the hardware vendors.

4. Please note a VOB file directly copied from a commercial DVD movie disk may have the same problem as that of a VRO file.   In order to preserve the original chapters, you should import the DVD content using a software tool such as DVD Decrypter or DVD SmartRipper. with or without file splitting.  

5. As you might have noticed when loading a VRO file or a VOB file, the editor does try to do a quick scan to determine whether the file is continuous or multi-segmented.

6. If a quick scan fails, the first thing you may notice is that the total length of the file is much shorter than the actual movie length.

7. One thing we could add to the editor is to add the file scanner for such files, and load the file as separate video clips based on their segmentation.

8. As for now, one suggestion is to record the program at once and edit the file on the computer, avoiding editing on the dvd hardware since it creates multi-segmentation.

Please note that a new tool called "MPEG MBS Scanner" has been added to the editor to alleviate the difficulty caused by the problem discussed above. 



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