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5.How can I fix this de-muxing problem?

Here's my situation. I have cut and re-encoded multiple MPEG-2 PS (Program Stream) files recorded from HDTV without fail. However, I have this one file that will always play properly in my software player. But when the file is demuxed, it has an audio track that is 6 seconds longer than the video. I have tried doing all the GOP fixing, and it hasn't changed this result. What I don't get is how an MPEG player see the audio as being the proper length and play through the muxed file with perfect audio and video synchronization.
Is there any way I can "fool" MPEG Video Wizard into demuxing it like a decoder would? Or another way around this that I am missing? This seems like such a silly problem, but I cannot get the demuxed audio and video to match in length.


The reason for the different lengths is that the demuxed video and audio have all lost their relative playing time arrangement as encoded in the time stamps of a multiplexed file.   Also lost with demuxed files is the ability of hiding data errors incurred during the process of a hardware recording.   If the demuxed video and audio files can still be played in synchronization, you could simply cut a small part at the end of one file to make them the same length.   Otherwise, it's better keep the video and audio in a multiplexed file at all times.


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