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3. How to change language?

I have your Mpeg Video Wizard DVD. Can you please send me an email with the URL for the German version of the program, I could only find the download of the English version, but I would prefer the German version?


You don't need to download it again, since it's the same program and the language can be changed by an option control.

To switch it to German, please use the steps below.
  - click the Tools button on the Taskbar and select "Options..."
  - switch to the General page in the Options window
  - select "German" from the language drop down list
  - press the OK button to close the Options window
  - the editor will switch the language by closing and then re-opening the editor windows.

Also, you may download a copy of the German translation of HTML help from the link below.

    HTML Help in German

which was based on old version of the editor in 2007, and it has not been updated since then.


Currently, the editor supports three languages: English, German, and Simplified Chinese.

Additionally, thanks to our users, the following is a list of language files translated and provided by our users.

  French:     French-ini.rar   by Michon Michel.

  Italian:   Italian-ini.rar   by Claudio Trevisi.

  Russian:   Russian-ini.rar   by Sapiens (2007), Al.Vi.R (2008), and Валерий Третьяков (2011).

  Polish:    Polish-ini.rar    by Janusz Grzybek.

  Arabic:    Arabic-ini.rar    by Mohamad Fath.  

Steps to install a new language (".ini") file.

- Find the Language folder under the software installation, e.g.,

    "C:\Program Files\Womble Multimedia\MPEG Video Wizard DVD\Language",

where you should see the three supported language files: "English.ini", "German.ini", and "Chinese Simplified.ini".

- Copy the new language (e.g., "French.ini") into the Language folder.

- Start the editor and open the Options General page, and you should find the additional entry for the new language.


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