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1.How to build a DVD with multiple titles and an introductory video?  

The following is an example of building a DVD project with 2 movies, a text menu, and a short introductory video to be played as soon as the DVD is inserted into a DVD player.

The steps are easily adapted for building a DVD with more than 2 movies.

1. Add movies

Click the "Add video..." button.

In the open file dialog, check the box for "single title" if it's not the current selection, and select the video files for the first movie, which consists of two MPEG files in this example.

To add the 2nd movie, right mouse click on the Video icon to open the video context menu, and select Add Title....

Again, select the video files for the second movie, which consists of another two MPEG files in this example.

This completes the step for adding 2 movies, and the video tree is shown below.


2. Add menu

The quickest way to add a DVD menu is to use the menu template.

Click on the menu icon, then click Add Menu..., and this brings up a menu template list window.

In the menu template list window, select the Text menu template, and press OK.

We now have created a DVD menu with three menu pages: one main menu page, and two chapter menu pages for the two video titles, respectively.

You could add more to the menu with background video and background music, as well as motion video buttons. But for this sample project, we will use the first menu template.


3. Add a short introductory video

As you may have already noticed, a DVD player starts playing automatically whenever a new DVD movie disc is inserted. For a standard commercial DVD movie, it usually starts with a copyright message; or frequently, with the main menu. This is set by the "First play" control, which instructs the player to play the selected video title before anything else.

Please note that the default selection of First Play is the first menu page.

Add the introductory video as the third title, right mouse click on the icon of title3 under the video tree, and select "First play".


4. Set the End Action for the introductory video

One of the frequently used playback sequence is to return to the menu page after the completion of a movie segment, also known as "return to menu".

This can be specified by selecting an End Action to go back to a menu page at the end of the selected clip.

When the First Play is set for the introductory video, you may also want to set a proper End Action so that at the end of ("First") playing the introductory video the DVD player will be at your desired video, such as returning to the main menu page. This can be done from the additional entry in the context menu.

Note that you may select Loop to play the introductory video repeatedly until you issue a new command, such as pressing the menu button on your remote control.


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mpeg video wizard dvd
mpeg video wizard dvd
mpeg video wizard dvd
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