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1.How to Convert Your MPEG Movies for iPod and PSP?  

In addition to its smart rendering in MPEG editing and its fast and flexibility in DVD authoring, you can also use our MPEG editor to convert your MPEG movies for your iPod and PSP and other portable digital video players.

The following are steps for converting an edited MPEG movie into the MP4 format suitable for iPod.

Step 1. Assume that you have completed your editing on the timeline, and the movie on it is ready to be exported.

As shown below, press the button in the Timeline's toolbox.


Step 2. In the save file dialog window, click on the "Save as type" drop-down list, and select "MP4".

Step 3. Select an MPEG-4 format.

In the MPEG-4 Export window, you may select one of the 4 output file formats.

Apple iPod to import into and play on an iPod.
Sony PSP to import into and play on a Sony PSP (Play Station Portable).
MPEG-4 standard MPEG-4 format without formatting specific to a hardware device.
Quicktime MOV     MPEG-4 format with additional Apple Quicktime formatting.


Step 4. Set video encoder parameters in the Video page.


Step 5. Set audio encoder parameters in the Audio page.

Step 6. Press the Start button to export the movie.

Step 7. Add the exported MPEG-4 movies to your iPod.

(a) Prepare your iPod.

Open iTunes on your PC, and add your MPEG-4 movies into the iTunes Library.

Plug in your USB cable and connect your iPod to your PC. Notice that your iPod appears in the Source list on the left side of the iTunes window.

(b) Sync movies to your iPod.

Right mouse click on the iPod item in the Source list, and select "Update".

Watch as Movies automatically copy from your iTunes Library to your iPod, and notice the "Do not disconnect" message in the iTunes window and on your iPod, as well as the progress report message.

When iTunes has finished updating your iPod, the iTunes window, and the main menu on your iPod will indicate that the update is complete. Now, you may click the eject button next to the iPod in the Source list, disconnect your iPod, and ready to watch the movies.



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