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2. How to Edit a DVD Movie or VOB files?  

What I would like to do is to edit VOB movie files, with the goal of cutting some scenes out of my movies to make them suitable for younger viewers, and to burn the entire movie into a dvd when finished.

How can I do this with your program?


The following steps are just one example of using Womble MPEG Video Wizard DVD to edit VOB files and rebuild the DVD movie with a simple menu.

Step 1.
You will need to rip your DVD movie from the disc into your computer hard disk with a DVD software reader such as SmartRipper, DVD Shrink, or DVD Decrypter.

To avoid any complication of editing a set of VOB segment files, we strongly recommend that you rip your DVD movie into one single VOB file.

However, if your DVD movie has already been copied as a set of 1 GB VOB segment files, you will need the help of the MBS (Multiple Bit Stream) file to avoid another time consuming copy process to physically join the segment files.

The following example is a set of 3 VOB files for one DVD movie, and the file names are


Create a text file with the ".mbs" extension and the following text lines:

  NumFile= 3
  File= F:\VIDEO_TS\VTS_01_1.vob
  File= F:\VIDEO_TS\VTS_01_2.vob
  File= F:\VIDEO_TS\VTS_01_3.vob

Note: You may need to replace the file path with the proper disk partition letter.

Now, drag the newly created ".mbs" file into the video track of the Timeline, and it will be treated as one continuous MPEG file by the editor.



Step 2.
Drag the edit line on the Timeline and preview the video in the Output monitor.

To find the beginning of the scene you want to cut, you can use the mouse scroll wheel or arrow keys to step forward or backward to get the exact frame.

Press the Split button (or press 'Ctrl+Q' on the keyboard) to cut the clip into two parts at the time line.

Press the Split button again after having found the ending of the unwanted segment; and the right click on the unwanted segment - now a separate clip - and choose "Shifted Delete".

Repeat the above steps to cut out all other unwanted scenes.


Step 3.
When finishing the editing, click the DVD icon on the Timeline to export the clips on the Timeline into DVD editor.

Please note that you can add Marker for all clips on the timeline which will become chapter points when exported to the DVD editor. By pressing the 'N' key on the keyboard, the editor will add a marker at the beginning of each clip for all clips on the video track. Please note that this command is only available as a keyboard shortcut; and there is no corresponding button in the toolbox.


Step 4.
Drag the slider bar to your desired frame and press "M" on the keyboard to add a chapter marker. You can repeat the step to add more chapters.


Step 5.
Click on the menu icon, then click Add Menu..., and this brings up a menu template list window.

In the menu template list window, select the Text menu template, and press OK.

Now we have created a DVD menu with three chapter buttons.

Note: You could add more to the menu with background video and background music, as well as motion video buttons. But for this sample project, we will use the first menu template.


Step 6.
Press the Encoder button near the lower right corner of the DVD editor window. This brings up the encoder setting window. You can check and set the encoder settings for the video title and menu.


Step 7.
Press the Export button near the lower left corner of the DVD Editor window. After specifying an output folder, press Start to export your DVD Video as a VIDEO_TS file folder .


Step 8.
After finishing the export process, click the Tools button on the Toolbar and select DVD Burning Tool from the menu.

In the open window, click Browse to select the VIDEO_TS file folder as the input data and press Burn to burn the disc.

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