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6. How to speed up a project involving files of huge total size?

I have a DVD project, and it seems that every time I start the project, it takes a long time to load. Any way to speed it up? Thanks.


The length of delay for loading a project is largely dependent on the amount of video data involved in the project. If a project needs all the data, such as when the full length of the video will be included in the project, there is no general way to speed it up, which is mainly controlled by the hard disk speed, the total memory size, and the CPU speed of your computer.

However, there are cases when your project only needs small parts of a large video file. Then, the following method will be very helpful to speed up your project.

Specifically, the method is useful mainly for projects that have the following characteristics.

*. it concerns the timeline editor;

*. it includes input files whose total size is much larger than the total of the selected segments;

*. it involves exclusively cut and trim; and

*. it will be used as the basis for a more complex editing project; in other words, those segments are the basis elements of a complex video project.

The benefit of the method will speed up the editor since it avoids a lot of file I/O, and it also reduces the wear-out of your hard disk.


1. start with a simple timeline project with 3 clips.

2. set the timeline editor to the "Frozen" mode, by clicking the small icon ('*') in the time code box.

The Frozen mode will enable you to drag and drop any clips from the timeline to other windows of the editor, otherwise you can only drag them within the timeline.

3. open the Export window and its batch list.

4. select and drag all the clips from the timeline and drop them into the Export batch list.

5. click the "start all" button to start the batch jobs to export the clips into separate MPEG files.

6. the last step is to replace the clips in the original time project with the newly created seprate MPEG clip files.

Note: if you have applied video and/or audio fades to the clips, the above steps will not work; and you will need to create separate ".wbp" file for each clip, and then drag and drop those ".wbp" files into the batch list. The best way is to postpone the addition of video transitions and fades afterward.

As a side note, I will also put a suggestion for the modification to the editor to enable the preservation of fades during dragging and dropping clips from the timeline into the export batch.


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