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  1. What are the differences between Womble EasyDVD and MPEG Video Wizard DVD?

2. When will there be support for Windows 7 for EasyDVD?

3. Is Womble EasyDVD project compatible with other Womble products?

4. What is an EasyDVD Movie?

5. Where can I find software update?

6. What is a DVD project?

7. What does DVD folder mean?

8. What is an ISO file?


Edit & File Format
  9. Why didn't the mark-in, mark-out marker and the cut button work in the Source step?

10. Can I import AVI files into Womble EasyDVD?

11. Can I import a Motion JPEG video clip?

12. What kind of DVD disc does your program support?


  Output & Burn
  13. Can I export a DVD with nonstandard image format?

14. Can I get an ISO file with your program?

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