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1. How to author a DVD disc?  

In the following, we give you a quick illustration of the common workflow using Womble EasyDVD to author a DVD disc with 2 video files.

Step 1. Start a new DVD project

Click the "New" button to start a new DVD project, and this will bring you to the Source window.

dvd author


Step 2. Import sources

The Source window is where you manage all your video contents.
You start by click on the Add movie easy dvd creator button or on the Add video easy dvd creator button to add video files to your DVD project.

dvd authoring software

We now have one movie with 2 video clips in our DVD project; and without doing any video editing, we proceed to the next step.

NOTE: You can change the default Movie name (Movie 1) into the new one by selecting Edit label in the context menu or the F2 key for shortcut.


Step 3. Add chapters
The quickest way to add chapters is to use the function of add equal length chapters by pressing the button MPEG to DVD In the add chapter window, you may select a different number of chapters or simply accept the default (or the previously selected) value, and press OK.

make dvds

The newly added chapters are displayed as yellow-colored marks along the top edge of the video play's timeline slider.

make dvds

NOTE: You can also add chapters manually by using the Add chapter button dvd menu or pressing 'M' on the keyboard.


Step 4. Add menu pages  

Click the "Menu" button on the navigation bar to select to the Menu window.

The quickest way to add a DVD menu is to use the menu templates by double-clicking on a selected icon in the template list.

We now have created two menu pages with eight chapters for one movie title.

dvd movie maker

NOTE: You could add more to your menu with background image and background music, and motion video buttons.


Step 5. Preview

Click the "Preview" button of the navigation bar to proceed to the Preview window.

best dvd authoring software

The Preview lets you do a final check on the menu design before outputting a DVD folder. If you don't like what you see, you can go back to the menu window to make changes, and then come back to check it again.  


Step 6. Output  

Click the "Output" button of the navigation bar to proceed to the Output window.

dvd authoring software

Before pressing the Start button to start exporting your DVD video, you may want to check the following.

  Folder path:   where you want to store the DVD video.
  Output size:   select your disc capacity for burning.
  Encoder:   check the DVD export encoder settings.
  Action after export:   None (default), start DVD burning, etc.

Depending on the total DVD size and the amount of video re-encoding, an export job may take from a few minutes to several hours. At the end of the export job, a VIDEO_TS file folder is created which contains the complete DVD movie and the menu.

We highly recommend that you should preview the exported DVD video with a software DVD player such as WinDVD or PowerDVD. If everything is OK, you may proceed to burn it on a DVD disc in the next step.


Step 7. Burn

Insert a DVD disc into the DVD writer, and press the Burn button to start the burning job.

dvd makers

You can also burn the VIDEO_TS folder created by Womble EasyDVD to a DVD disc by using your favorite DVD burning software coming with your DVD-R/W hardware.


NOTE: You should save (update) often to protect your current working project from any accidental loss, this can be done by clicking on the upper left of the editor and choosing save in the drop-down list.

dvd software






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