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2. How to author a DVD with two or more Movies?

Womble EasyDVD has two levels of data management to organize a DVD project' video contents. This data organization is illustrated by the sketch map below.

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Each Movie has its own list of video clips, and each clip can be a single video file, or a whole or a part of a DVD movie, or a list of video clips (another Movie).

This example gives a quick illustration of the 2-level video data management by authoring a DVD with two Movies.

Step 1. Start a new DVD project

Click the "New" button to start a new DVD project, and this will bring you to the Source window.

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Step 2. Create the 1st movie

Press the Add movie button dvd software and follow the file open steps. With the two selected video files, EasyDVD creates a new Movie, names it as "Movie 1" and adds it to the movie list.

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You can add more video clips to "Movie 1" by clicking on the Add video button dvd software and selecting more video files.


Step 3. Save the 1st Movie

You can save your movie to a file for later use, or to import it as a video clip.

To save "Movie 1" to an EasyDVD Movie file, press the Save Movie as... button and follow the file save steps. EasyDVD names its Movie files with the ".wbp" file name extension. MPEG to DVD button and follow the steps in the pop-up window to save Movie 1 for future use. In Womble EasyDVD, a saved movie file is identified by the '.wbp' file name extension.

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Step 4. Create the 2nd Movie

Simply repeat Step 1 and Step 2 to create the 2nd Movie, and the result is show below

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Now we have created a DVD project with two Movies, next we can add chapters and menu pages to the project, and finally burn it into one new DVD disc. For detailed steps, please follow the related steps in 1. How to author a DVD disc?


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4. How to remove some scenes from DVD movie?

5. How to build a DVD with an introductory video?

6. Create Advanced DVD Menu in Womble EasyDVD.


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