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3. How to combine multiple DVDs to one single DVD?

Possible uses for this guide:

1. Adding 2 or more DVD's to 1 DVD-R or DVD+R
2. Joining a double sided DVD (meaning you have to take the disc out and flip it over to watch the rest) to a single sided DVD-R or DVD+R
3. Taking 2 or more different movies & creating 1 DVD out of them

There are times when your favorite videos are small enough to fit on one disc but they're scattered across several discs. Womble has a solution. Today we're going to see how Womble EasyDVD can pluck 2 favorite videos from 2 different DVD+R discs and combine them on one new playable DVD+R while keeping the original chapters. Lets begin…

Step 1.  Transfer your DVDs into your hard drive

If you have multiple optical drives you can skip this process and jump down to step 2.


Step 2.  Create a new DVD project  

To start a new DVD project, click the "New" button in the Start stage, then the editor will automatically switch to the Source stage.

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Step 3. Import DVD files

Click the dvd creator download button in the Source stage, then check " Open DVD folder"in the open window. Now browse to your first DVD file folder and click Open.

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In the pop-up DVD reader, you will notice there is only one title with 8 chapters. Select the title and click OK.

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Thus the DVD video will be ripped into the Clip Manager keeping the original chapter structure(8 chapters), and a movie file named Movie 1 will be generated in the Movie Manager.


Repeat steps above for the second DVD file which has 4 chapters. The second DVD file will be imported into Womble EasyDVD as the second movie in the Movie Manager.

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Note: You can change the default Movie name(Movie 1, Movie 2) into the new one by selecting Edit label in the context menu(or press 'F2' on the keyboard).


Step4. Save the DVD project

Go to Start stage or click on the top left corner of Womble EasyDVD to save the project.

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Now, we have merged two DVDs into one signal DVD project. Next, we can add menus for the project, and finally burn it into one new DVD disc. For detailed steps, please consult  1. How to author a DVD disc?


2. How to author a DVD with two or more movies?

4. How to remove some scenes from DVD movie?

5. How to build a DVD with an introductory video?

6. Create Advanced DVD Menu in Womble EasyDVD.


mpeg video wizard dvd
mpeg video wizard dvd
mpeg video wizard dvd
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