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4. How to remove some scenes from DVD movie?

There are times when your want to edit out unwanted scenes from a DVD and then burn it back while retaining the highest quality. Womble has a solution. With the smart rendering technology, Womble EasyDVD makes the editing process faster and easier by only re-encoding the cut points. Now you don't have to wait to re-encode the whole movie and suffer the heavy quality loss for every little cut that is made.

Step 1.  Create a new DVD project  

To start a new DVD project, click the "New" button in the Start stage, then the editor will automatically switch to the Source stage.

  dvd authoring


Step 2. Rip and import the DVD file

Click the easy dvd maker button in the Source stage, then check " Open DVD folder" in the open window. Now browse to your DVD file folder and click Open.

dvd menu maker

In the pop-up DVD reader, you will see all the titles and chapters. Notice that the first title has the longest time in duration and 13 chapters, so this is the main movie. Select the first title and click OK.

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Thus the main movie will be ripped into the Movie Manager keeping the original chapter structure(13 chapters), and a movie file named Movie 1 will be generated in the Movie Manager.

best dvd menu maker


Step 3. Edit out the unwanted scenes

In Womble EasyDVD, we use Mark in and Mark out to mark the unwanted segment, then use Cut button to remove the marked part.

In this example we will cut the start and end credits out of the movie.

Select the movie clip in the Clip Manager, drag the sliderbar and preview movie in the right window. Press the Mark out button (or press 'O' on the keyboard)  when finding the end of the start credits. You can use the mouse scroll wheel or arrow keys to step forward or backward to get the exact frame.


Then press the dvd creator download button to remove the marked part. Notice the thumbnail of the movie clip in the Clip Manager has changed after editing.

best dvd creator software

Now drag the slidebar to the beginning of the end credits and press Mark in button (or press 'I' on the keyboard), then press the easy dvd creator software button to remove the end credits.

best dvd creator software


Step 4. Save the DVD project

Go to Start stage or click on the top left corner of Womble EasyDVD to save the project.

Next, we can add menus for the project, and finally burn it into one new DVD disc. For detailed steps, please consult the   1. How to author a DVD disc?


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