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5. How to build a DVD with an introductory video?

As you may have already noticed, a DVD player starts playing automatically whenever a new DVD movie disc is inserted. For a standard commercial DVD movie, it usually starts with a copyright message; or frequently, with the main menu. This is set by the "First play" control, which instructs the player to play the selected video title before anything else.

When you have all the chapters and menus ready, the default selection of First Play is the first menu page. To add the intro video, you should now go BACK to the Source stage to import the introductory video and set it as First Play video manually with the steps below.

Step 1. Add the introductory video as a new movie file in the Movie Manager by pressing the dvd authoring button and follow the file open steps in the pop-up window.

 easy dvd maker

NOTE: For a better understanding of a Womble EasyDVD movie file, please consult the related topic 2. How to author a DVD with two or more Movies?


Step 2. Press the "First Play" button to set the introductory video as the first play video. Please note that, the First Play movie is represented by a dvd authoring software

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Step 3. When the "First Play" is set for a movie title, you may also want to set a proper "End Action" so that at the end of ("first") playing the movie title the DVD player will be at your desired video, such as returning to the main menu page. This can be done from the additional entry in the context menu.

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Note that you may select Loop to play the introductory video repeatedly until you issue a new command, such as pressing the menu button on your remote control.  

Step 4. When you are done, proceed to the Preview stage, which is accessible by clicking the easy dvd creator software button of the navigation bar, to check out if everything is in accordance with what you have planned for directly WITHOUT re-applying DVD menus in the Menu stage.

 easy dvd creator

If everything is OK, proceed to the Output stage and export DVD folder.



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