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6. Create Advanced DVD Menu in Womble EasyDVD.

In this short tutorial, we'll show you the steps of how to create an advanced menu page and then save it as a user-defined template for future use.

Background Image: Use as menu Background Image.
Buttons: Use as menu Button Styles.
Navigation controls: Some menu playback controls.

Step 1. Create Advanced Menu

1. Background Image

1-1. Import Background Image

In the Menu window, we click on the button to open the Background Image/Video List, then we click on the Import button and follow the file open steps to select the downloaded background images.


1-2. Apply Imported Background Image

Then by double-clicking on the image thumbnail, the background of the selected menu page will be changed.

2. Buttons

2-1. Import Buttons

Switch the Background Image/Video List to the Button Style List by pressing the button, then we extend the list with the Import button as well.


NOTE: Except for the Layout List, all lists can be extended with the Importbutton, immediately below the template tool button.

2-2. Apply Imported Button

You can change ALL the menu buttons into the selected style by double-clicking on the button thumbnail directly..

Or select part of the menu buttons, and then apply the button style. The selected buttons will be changed.


3. Navigation Controls

As you may have already noticed, in the Main Menu page, there is a default playback control: Play Movie. This is a control which will command the player to start play movie once clicked. Now, we proceed to replace it with a more beautiful and visual navigation control button.

First, we should delete the default "Play Movie" text.

Then right click in the menu display window, and select "Insert a picture...", or click on the button which is located in the right side of the menu display window.

Select the Play Navigation Control picture in the pop-up dialog window, and click Open to insert.

Then in the pop-up Button Setting Control window, select Movie 1 as its links.

Now we have successfully added a navigation button which will do the same work as the Play Movie text button.


Step 2. Save as user-defined templates

After we finished, we click the button to save the selected menu to "User-defined template".



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