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5. How to create one or more subtitle streams for DVD Video?

1. load video

Start EasySub, and click the "Open Video..." button.

Select Open DVD Folder if you want to load a DVD movie, or select a video file to load a video file.

2. add subtitle text

Move the time line to the place where you will add subtitle text and click button, then a subtitle item is created. Click the text field of the subtitle list, it switches to the text editing mode, and then enter your text. Use this method to add subtitle text until the end of the video.

3. add another subtitle stream

Right-click the video play and select "subtitle manager...", click "New" button in the pop-up window, a new subtitle stream with id "33" is created, click "OK" button to close the window. Then use the method as the second step to add subtitle text with another language.

4 save the video with subtitle

First, save the current work space to an EasySub project file.

Next, click button on the upper right corner of the text list window, select a file path and file name to export the changed VOB file, and then press the Start button to start the export job.

4. review the export result

At the completion of the export, review the newly created VOB file by opening it in the video player.
This completes the example.


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mpeg video wizard dvd
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