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Software Update

Software Update
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Periodically, we will release new update version to the editor with bug fixes and new feature additions. When a new update version becomes available, we will announce it on our home page at


In the following, we briefly describe several ways to update the editor.

Automatic update by connecting to the Womble web server.

By the default selection for the option

      "Check the Web for software updates automatically"

the editor will try to connect the Womble web server to check for software update, every time when the editor is started. Since the connection to the Womble web server is processed as a background job, it should not introduce any noticeable delay for starting the editor. However, if this automatic connection is undesirable, you can turn it OFF by clearing the checkbox for the option.


Manual update by connecting to the Womble web server.

Select the Help menu from the main taskbar, and

This brings up the web update dialog window

The editor will start connecting the Womble web server to check for software update, and a list of changes will be displayed when a new update is found. Now, you may proceed to download the update files, and restart the editor to install the new update.


Manual update via a complete installation.

Go to Womble's download page at


to download a full installation file, and proceed with a new installation.



If the update fails, please check all of the following:

  • your computer is connected to the internet, and your connection settings are correct;

  • you are a Windows user with an account type as Computer Administrator, so that you will be allowed to change the computer system settings such as software (updates) installation;

  • you have the write-access to the disk partition on which the MPEG editor is installed; and

  • your firewall program is not blocking the access to Womble web sites by MPEG Video Wizard DVD.

    System Requirements
    Getting Started