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5. How to use Video Clip List?
This window is a convenient workspace to organize a list of video clips in a few simple steps. It is especially helpful when you need to connect a large number of small video clips into one single MPEG stream.

There are three ways to add video clip to the list. First, you can use the open file dialog window to locate video files, and then add them to the list.

Another better way is use the drag-and-drop operation of the file system by selecting your desired video clip and then using the mouse to drag and drop it into the clip list window.

The third way is to use the "Load" button to open a clip list file, which can be a previously "Save"d video clip list, or a text file with a list of video file names. For example, to load a video clip list with five files, you may create a text file containing the following lines:

// comment lines
// "[ClipList]:" ---- a text id to start a video clip list
// "5" --------------- number of clips in the list
[ClipList]: 5

The tool also provides you all editing operations for the management of a video clip list.

An editor object will be created when you closed the window with a press on the "OK" button.

Notice that a video clip list file has a different format (".vls") from that of an editor list file (".wme"), and it is only useful for this tool.



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