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1. How to Save a Video Clip?

You will work with the Save dialog window to select a number of parameters for the Save. Most importantly, you need to specify an MPEG format to save.

The editor supports all MPEG-1 and MPEG-2 formats as listed below.

Video Bit Stream (VBS): This contains only MPEG-1 or MPEG-2 compressed video data, a.k.a. video elementary stream.

MPEG-1 Systems (SYS): This is the MPEG-1 multiplexed data format. It usually contains both compressed video and compressed audio data formatted with additional information for audio video synchronization.

Video CD (VCD): This is a special case of MPEG-1 Systems stream with a limited set of video, audio and compression parameters, mainly to facilitate the video distribution using a conventional CD-ROM disk.

MPEG-2 Program Stream (PS): This is an MPEG-2 multiplexed data format, very similar to MPEG-1 Systems format with minor changes and mainly for formatting MPEG-2 compressed video and audio data. This is the format used by the Digital Video Disk (DVD) format.

MPEG-2 Transport Stream (TS): This is another MPEG-2 multiplexed data format, and it is mainly used for transmission of multi-program MPEG-2 compressed contents over telecommunication channels.

Edited Clip List (List): Also known as an Editor Project file, this is a text file used by the Editor. It stores all the editing information as a list of clips. It could be loaded to create a new Editor or loaded into the Video Clipboard. It could also be used to schedule a Save. In addition, the Womble MPEG audio player recognizes a list file and play all the audio content in the list continuously regardless of the different video and audio formats.

For those experts who wish to have a complete control over the MPEG encoding process, an advanced dialog window is provided for selecting MPEG video encoding parameters including image size, picture rate, bit rate, and video format (MPEG-1 or MPEG-2).


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