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   October 2010 Update Release (

1. (BUG) failure to start open file dialog on Unicode systems.

2. (NEW) deinterlace image selection in player's display menu.

   September 2010 Update Release

1. (BUG) PSN verification error under Vista and above.

2. (BUG) failure to open certain MP3 files.

3. (BUG) zero length padding packet for MPEG-2 Program export.

   November 2009 Update Release

1. (BUG) wrong length for MPEG-2 program files with bad GOP headers.

2. (BUG) open VOB file with a big chunk of junk data at its beginning (> 10MB).

3. (BUG) open MP3 file with a big chunk of junk data at its beginning (> 128kB).

4. (NEW) loading of 192-byte packeted MPEG-2 TS file with MPEG-2 video (Humax).

5. (NEW) direct dropping of a ".wme" file into the save batch list.

   March 2009 Update Releaseease

1. (BUG) Lost audio when loading 1st VOB file (e.g., VTS_01_1.vob).

2. (BUG) Incorrect length for MP3 VBR files.

3. (BUG) Failed to open TS files with PAT more than one packet.

   September 2008 Update Release

1. (BUG) reading AC-3 audio in a TS file with non standard PES ID.

2. (BUG) slow opening (hanging) for some VOB files.

   August 2008 Update Release

1. (NEW) command line trim processing.

   March 2008 Update Release

1. (BUG) failure for accepting drag-and-drop video clips.

   December 2007 Update Release

1. (BUG) export audio ended prematurely.

2. (BUG) muxer problems for MPEG-2 TS export.

   October 2007 Update Release

1. (BUG) slow opening for files with incomplete audio.

2. (BUG) audio buffer overflow for MPEG-2 TS export.

   July 2007 Update Release

1. (BUG) Opening error for MPEG-2 PS with invalid NV-Pack data.

2. (BUG) MBS Scanner hangs when scanning movies with PCM audio.

   April 2007 Update Release

1. (NEW) Timebase change detection in MBS Scanner.

2. (BUG) Audio data reading error for certain MPEG-2 TS files.

3. (BUG) Timecode error for MPEG-2 video coded as field pictures.

4. (BUG) Opening error for MPEG-2 TS files with only audio.

   December 2006 Update Release

1. (BUG) Inefficient loading of a large MPEG file.

2. (BUG) Inaccurate seek of an MPEG-2 file with repeated field.

3. (BUG) Loss of transition for some exported file.

4. (BUG) Incorrect time code display for frame rate of 59.94.

   October 2006 Update Release

1. (BUG) Re-encoding of HDTV video with 59.94 frame rate.

2. (BUG) Incorrect save selection for MPEG-2 PS file without audio.

3. (BUG) Premature end of Save when the 1st clip with repeated fields.

4. (BUG) Incorrect PID assignment for multiplexing multiple audio streams.

   June 2006 Update Release

1. (NEW) Support for MPEG file with multiple MPEG encoders.

2. (BUG) Editor crashed when the player window is maximized.

3. (BUG) Editor crashed at the end of a save job.

4. (BUG) Failure to load other audio for MPEG files with multiple audio streams.

   December 2005 Update Release

1. (BUG) Incorrect starting audio PTS off by one video frame duration.

2. (BUG) Loading errors of certain MPEG-2 Transport files.

   September 2005 Update Release

1. (BUG) Problem in selecting AC-3 audio in a multiple AC-3 Transport file.

2. (BUG) Time code generation errors in de-multiplexer for MPEG files with a nonzero starting time code.

3. (BUG) Opening errors for Transport files with small audio packet size.

4. (BUG) Cannot add audio shift for MPEG files with non MPEG-1 audio.

5. (BUG) Program crashes when the player window is in full size.

6. (BUG) Additional one frame delay for the first video PTS.

   June 2005 Update Release

1. (NEW) Context menu for the video clipboard.

2. (BUG) Incorrect length for an MPEG file without video PTS for some GOP's.

3. (BUG) Incorrect length when loading a Transport file with PTS values exceeding of the 32 bit maximum.

4. (BUG) Problem for identifying an AC-3 audio type.

5. (BUG) Cannot preserve the PMT PID of an MPEG-2 Transport file.

6. (BUG) Playback skips frames for a video only file.

7. (BUG) Memory overrun (crash) when exporting TS file for TS input files with more than one audio streams.

8. (BUG) Cannot save snapshot image for HD video (1920x1080).

   March 2005 Update Release

1. (BUG) Cannot load the AC-3 audio in MPEG-2 Program stream without sub-stream ID and/or without audio packet PTS data.

2. (BUG) Program crashes for saving MPEG with fades and AC-3 audio when the output file is relatively larger (e.g., 100 MB).

3. (BUG) Incorrect AC-3 audio selection when saving with or without a fade.

4. (BUG) Incorrect video length when loading an MPEG file whose bit rate value is much higher than its actual data rate.

5. (BUG) Write more than one video sequence end code to an exported MPEG file.

6. (BUG) Assign a wrong audio encoder for MPEG files whose audio streams do not start on a frame boundary.

7. (BUG) Cannot read AC-3 audio stream in a Transport file in which the AC-3 does not have a proper program map entry.

8. (BUG) Incorrect setting of audio encoder when switching audio stream in a multiple audio Transport file.

9. (BUG) Cannot play an MPEG-2 video after some point when the MPEG file has no video PTS for an I-frame which does have a sequence header and valid GOP time code.

10. (BUG) Incorrect functions for the keyboard arrow keys (down and up).

11. (BUG) Errors in GOP fixer when scanning the 2nd and more files.

12. (BUG) Incorrect assignment of PID's when saving MPEG with AC-3 audio.

13. (BUG) Video artifacts ("pixilation") in an export for video using non default quantization matrices on the fly.

   12-22-2004 Update Release

1. (BUG) Incorrect beginning and end fades for audio sound.

2. (NEW) MPEG-2 video encoder field order displaying control.

3. (BUG) Incorrect save for edits with consecutive video transitions.

4. (BUG) Incorrect frame parsing for 44.1 kHz AC-3 audio.

5. (BUG) Re-encoding video when the video encoder window is closed with the OK button without modification.

6. (BUG) Re-encoding audio of SVCD output for audio input without CRC protection.


   09-24-2004 Update Release

1. (BUG) Audio frame skipping for MPEG audio with padding.

2. (BUG) Cannot read audio when MPEG files have error in the system header.

3. (BUG) Incorrect time offset when an I-frame header across 2 packets.

4. (BUG) MPEG converter cannot handle input files larger than 4 GB.

5. (BUG) Data reading error for video packet stream ID emulation in the padded sector data of a VCD file.

6. (BUG) Incorrect MPEG-1 padding packet header that causes problem for old Windows Media Player.

7. (BUG) Incorrect length reading of a VOB file and/or a VRO file.

8. (BUG) Beginning and ending fades do not affect the audio.

9. (NEW) Added a small context menu for switching a display mode.

10. (BUG) Several minor problems with the time code window and the keyboard.


   06-25-2004 Update Release

1. (BUG) Handling of multiple AC-3 audio streams in a Transport file.

2. (NEW) Loading of multiple program Transport file.

3. (NEW) Added key mapping for all editor function buttons.

4. (BUG) Incorrect length of edited VOB file for which an AC-3 audio ended before the end of video.


   05-28-2004 Update Release

1. (BUG) Video player will not end for MPEG files with too much junk data (padding) at the file end (e.g., 100MB for a 250MB VCD file).

2. (BUG) Correct use of the output file for GOP Fixer correction.

3. (BUG) Added automatic GOP header insertion for the demultiplexer video output when it is missing in the original file.

4. (BUG) Added data padding for VCD multiplexing.

5. (BUG) Incorrect length when loading an MPEG file with video bit rate that is too high for its profile and level, e.g., 15 mbs from an ATV recording.

6. (BUG) Copy (or saved) of DVD clips cannot be played smoothly due to the incorrect calculation of PTS values for I/P-frames with repeated fields.


   04-23-2004 Update Release

1. (BUG) GOP Fixer tool output file writing problem.

2. (NEW) MPEG-1 audio encoder CRC error protection control option.

3. (NEW) Automatic creation of save batch record file.

4. (NEW) Default image length option.

5. (BUG) Drop of audio data packets without PTS value.

6. (BUG) Premature termination of Save for some MPEG files with repeated fields.

7. (BUG) Short audio playback for files with PTS time restart.

8. (BUG) Incorrect display of pel-aspect-ratio in video encoder window.

9. (BUG) Cannot open MP3 files with large chunk of non MPEG data at the beginning.

10. (NEW) Quick jump to follow a mouse click on the player timeline slider.

11. (BUG) Incorrect field display order (top_field_first) for re-encoded frames.

12. (BUG) Incorrect audio offset when copying MPEG clips with multiple audio tracks.

13. (BUG) Initial audio and video synchronization problem when there is negative PTS at the beginning of an MPEG file.

14. (BUG) Preservation of the original image structure (progressive frames).

15. (BUG) Audio interruption or drop-out for MPEG files for which there are audio packets without a PTS time stamp.

16. (BUG) Audio missing for VOB clips with multiple AC-3 tracks.

17. (BUG) Incorrect reading of MPEG-2 Program files with irregular PACK header size.

18. (BUG) Program crashes by memory overrun when saving an edited work with MPEG files for which BUG No.1 occurs.

19. (BUG) Incorrect setting of the 1st audio PTS when it's different from the value of the 1st video PTS, which caused an erroneous audio video time shift.